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Age: Birth - 15 months
Height: Up to 83cm
Weight: 0 - 13 kg

The Kiddy Evoluna i-Size infant carrier has been approved to meet the new ECE R 129 ('i-Size') safety standards and provides maximum protection for a baby or young toddler up to 15 months of age. The Evoluna i-Size is packed with state of the art technology to protect a child in the event of an impact, but also to protect their health and development. This offers the child all round protection, with double the peace of mind for you.

This ultimate in child safety has been proven in independent tests. A prestigious Which? Best Buy was awarded in 2016 after the Evoluna i-Size achieved the highest ever score for a Group 0+ R129 infant carrier. ADAC and Stiftung Warentest also declared the Evoluna i-Size as their test winner (05/2016) and awarded a 'very good' quality seal. This is the first 'very good' awarded to a child's car seat since the new stricter testing programme was introduced in 2015. The safety experts also certified that the Evoluna i-Size is especially safe in the event of a frontal or side crash.

Kiddy are the innovators of the lie-flat Group 0+ infant carrier, and are the first manufacturer to offer a sleeping position for an infant in the car. This enables the the infant's head, neck and body to stay inline, which helps to maintain an open airway. Recent research* by Bristol University has shown that using a typical infant car seat with "a more upright 40° position, along with the vibration experienced in a car, leads to significantly increased heart and respiratory rates, and decreased oxygen saturation. Simulating motion reveals a striking increase in potentially clinically significant oxygen desaturations.” The research study has proven that an incline of 30 degrees or less has no effect on heart or respiratory rates in the infant participants. Therefore infant carriers such as the Kiddy infant carriers, which offer a sleeping position of 30 degrees or less, are clearly the healthier option for a baby as they stretch out after months curled up in the womb. This sleeping position also gives optimal support to the baby's developing spine, neck and back.

This lie-flat position can be used in the car, on a pushchair, or on the floor next to you. For older awake babies, there is an upright seating position, which allows the child to sit up when awake, and watch the world go by. The independent crash tests done by Which?, ADAC and Stiftung Warentest have proved that both the upright and the lie-flat sleeping positions are incredibly safe. Which? concluded that “the crash-test dummy readings were a bit better in the flatter position, as less force is placed on the neck, but all results indicate a low risk of injury.”

The Kiddy Evoluna i-Size is a generous sized seat, and was the first infant carrier to pass the i-Size safety standard testing with the Q1.5 dummy. Your baby will be able to comfortably stretch out rear facing until they reach the mandatory 15 months of age, without the requirement to purchase an additional rear facing seat, as is necessary with some competitors infant carriers.
Why buy two seats, when just one will do?

The Evoluna i-Size is also a comfortable seat for a little one. The deeply padded inlay and head support will cradle your infant in the correct travelling position. The three point harness has 5 shoulder height positions to ensure a perfect fit, whilst padded shoulder and crotch pads add comfort. The breathable slatted base allows good air flow around the child, so that they stay warm in winter, but cool in summer. The large sun hood protects your child from the sun and wind, whilst your baby nestles inside the protective double walled shell, with its enhanced side impact protection, and its memory foam energy absorbing head support. A Kiddy ISOFIX Base 2 is included with the Evoluna i-Size, in the box, to ensure a safe and secure fit in the car.

The Evoluna i-Size has been restyled in modern colours for 2017. The seat fabric has a pattern of dots which convey a very special Morse code message: “Kiddy – we love our kids”. Unique and unmistakable!

Maximum safety, maximum comfort, and perfect protection - all in one infant carrier.

* Arya. R., Williams G, Kilonback, et. al. Is the infant car seat challenge useful? A pilot study in a simulated moving vehicle, Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed 2016 doi:10.1136/archdischild-2016-310730

Evoluna i-Size Awards


* Product colours may vary slightly from the images shown.

  • NEW ECE R 129 ('i-Size') safety certified.

  • NEW Side impact shock absorber.

  • NEW Improved thick padded memory foam head support and even softer seat inlay.

  • Lie-flat sleeping position - both inside and outside the car. A safer, healthier way for a baby to travel. Lie-flat reduces the health risks associated with conventional upright infant carriers.

  • Comfortable seat with soft padded newborn inlay to keep the baby safe and secure.

  • Generous integrated sun hood protects a baby from sun and wind and creates a cosy environment for rest and sleep.

  • Patented Kiddy Lie Flat (KLF) Technology: perfect ergonomic body support for a baby.

  • Shock absorbing slatted frame which allows air to circulate thus helping a baby to regulate their temperature.

  • The ISOFIX Base 2 is included in the Evoluna i-Size box and must be used with the Evoluna i-Size in the car.

  • Compact: only one car seat space is required.

  • Fits a wide variety of pushchairs to form a travel system. Use your car seat like a carrycot with no time constraints. The baby is laid flat to maintain an open airway and facilitate healthy growth.

  • Easily removed hard wearing, washable cover.

  • Eight brilliant colours - to brighten up every day.

  • Dimensions H 44 x W 66 x D 62 cm. Weight approx 4.9 kg

Kiddy are working in partnership with The Lullaby Trust to promote safer sleep for babies

In May 2015 The Lullaby Trust and Kiddy launched a partnership to promote The Lullaby Trust’s key advice on how to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The Lullaby Trust is the leading charity working to promote safer baby sleep, support bereaved families and raise awareness of SIDS.

Kiddy and The Lullaby Trust are working together to highlight the importance of lying babies flat whilst sleeping. As well as promoting The Lullaby Trust’s key advice on safer baby sleep, Kiddy will also be donating £10,000 to The Lullaby Trust through sales of the Evoluna i-Size which is an infant carrier with a lie-flat travelling function. This donation will go towards ensuring new parents receive crucial advice on how to keep their babies safe during sleep as well providing much needed funds to support bereaved families.

Francine Bates, Chief Executive at The Lullaby Trust commented: “The Lullaby Trust supports the Kiddy Evoluna i-Size infant carrier with its lie-flat travelling position for a baby. Our advice is that the safest place for a baby to sleep is on their back in a separate cot or Moses basket. 

“Car seats are not recommended for long sleeps, but when baby is out and about we would always recommend that he/she sleeps in the flattest possible position. We are delighted to see that the Kiddy Evoluna i-Size offers a solution to this problem.”

Chris Grech-Cini, UK Country Manager for Kiddy added: “We are delighted that the Lullaby Trust has identified the Evoluna i-Size as being unique on the market, in that, it overcomes the health issues associated with typical infant carriers thanks to our Lie-Flat technology. Kiddy has partnered with the Lullaby Trust in their mission to generate awareness of Safer Sleep for Babies.”

For more information about The Lullaby Trust and safer sleep for babies please visit http://www.lullabytrust.org.uk/safer-sleep

How does it work?

The Evoluna i-Size, has unique patented Kiddy Lie-Flat Technology (KLF) technology which enables the infant carrier seat to be moved into two positions: an upright position or a lie-flat position. When the handle is moved backwards, a slatted frame inside the infant carrier lifts up and gently moves the infant into a flat lying position. This flat position allows the child's body, neck and head to lie inline, thus keeping their airway open. The impact-absorbing slatted frame facilitates air to circulate evenly around a child's body, which helps to regulate their temperature, all year round.

Kiddy Lie flat technology

Safe, comfortable, healthy travel.

Due to the health issues associated with conventional upright infant carriers being minimised, the Evoluna i-Size, like the Kiddy Evoluna, can be used for prolonged periods of time.

Therefore babies can therefore sleep comfortably, outstretched in their seat; whilst travelling safely in this award winning infant carrier.

Grows with your child

The Evoluna i-Size is highly adjustable for any baby from newborn to 15 months. The newborn baby is gently supported by the newborn inlay (pink in the third image below) which can be removed as the infant grows. There are 5 shoulder height positions and a one pull adjustable 3 point harness to ensure a perfect fit every time.

There is a separate premature-inlay available (grey in the picture below) which will securely cradle a tiny premature baby to keep them safe and secure when travelling.

The Evoluna i-Size as a travel system

On arrival at your destination, your little one can continue to snooze outstretched in their Evoluna i-Size. Simply lift the infant carrier onto a compatible pushchair of your choice, and your baby will continue to sleep peacefully and safely. The lie-flat position offers the same benefits as a carrycot or lie-flat pushchair seat for the child's breathing, heart rate and skeletal systems.

The Evoluna i-Size fits using adaptors onto the Kiddy City'n Move stroller; or onto another brand of pushchair such as Babystyle, iCandy, Baby Jogger, Joolz, Bugaboo (see the Pushchair Compatibility Checker below..)

Pushchair Options

Pushchair Compatibility Checker

Our Kiddy pushchair picker allows you to see what our infant carrier will look like on a range of single pushchairs. Choose the pushchair of your choice, and then pick a colour to try on the chassis.

Remember, there are more pushchairs to choose from. Please see our pushchair compatibility list in the next column for all travel system stroller and pram options.

ISOFIX Compatibility Checker
car seat checker

  • Kiddy car seats will fit in all green seats shown on the diagram.

  • If using Seat 1 - remember to turn off the air-bag

  • Please note when using the recline feature, more space may be required.

  • Our seats fit most cars. If your car is not listed, please visit a local Kiddy retailer for free fitting and advice.

  • Kiddy recommend that you have a product demo or free car fitting by one of our trained retailers

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